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MachiavelliIt's a concern that dates back to Machiavelli and beyond: would you rather be loveable or strong? "It may be answered that one should wish to be both," Machiavelli acknowledged. To exert influence you must balance competence with warmth.


Our research has shown that, with relationships and responsibilities stretching across an organisation, the role scope for the effective EA has developed far beyond that which is traditionally perceived. It is clear that Executive Assistants now sit at the centre of influential networks, through which the broader business is aided in achieving its goals. It is for this reason EA Australia developed “PERSONAL INFLUENCE and the Executive Assistant”.



“PERSONAL INFLUENCE and the Executive Assistant” delivers capability development through understanding the dynamics of good influence and the benefits of their application in the role of Executive Assistant. Key discussions will include:

Open up to the principles of influence, understanding you in this environment, and how you can put into practice the fundamentals of influence.

PERSONAL POWER:    Unlike traditional communication training, this program will teach you the keys to personal power and influence using emotional intelligence, for you in your role as Executive Assistant

THE NEED FOR TRUST:    You’ll learn how to establish, grow and restore the one thing all positive relationships cannot exist without.

Workshop Overview


Influence is your personal power to impact on things outside your direct control. It is one of the most challenging to build, but most powerful leadership skills an Executive Assistant can develop.

When starting out on your journey to improve your influence, a road map has been set down as a guide. As with all personal leadership skills, this starts with a reflection on self and the needs and expectations of those around you.

In this session you’ll examine the core principles of influence and how you can apply these in the workplace. You’ll explore the ethics of influence, and be introduced to a popular influence model.

Key features of this session include:

Right Point Finder    The fundamental Principles of Influence

Right Point Finder    The ethics of Influence - it's not a dirty word

Right Point Finder    Using influence in the workplace

Right Point Finder    The Cohen-Bradford Influence model


Research on the brain has shown that each of us has a preferred way and mode of communicating that affects the way we take in and process information.

Having an awareness of your communication style and the communication style of others, combined with the ability to act outside your own style is a skill associated with the most influential leaders.

Your preferences not only influence your communication, but also your decision making, problem solving and personal leadership style. Understanding your preferences will give you a new perspective on self and those around you.

This session will examine Communication preferences in the context of your role as an Executive Assistant.

Key features of this session include:

Right Point Finder    Influence and Communication as an EA - ‘Managing Up’ role play

Right Point Finder    Understanding Transactional Analysis as a workplace communication tool

Right Point Finder    Communication preferences - understanding yours and identifying others

Right Point Finder    Work with communication preferences to become responsible for conversation outcomes

Right Point Finder   Dealing with conflict situations effectively


Trust is the foundation of all positive relationships, with all successful influencers aware that trust begins with them. They have the building of trust in the workplace as a clear goal of their job.

In a work setting of low team trust, people’s unseen agendas and motives generate suspicion and ultimately hinder getting things done. Guarded communication, speculation, and disengagement slow productivity and fuel frustration. However when individuals trust each other - and are trusted by others - communication improves and productivity accelerates as attention is redirected toward team objectives.

This session is designed to engage Executive Assistants at all levels in understanding the dynamics of trust and how to start work on closing the Trust Gaps that exist in all relationships.

Key features of this session include:

Right Point Finder    The dynamics of trust in a team environment

Right Point Finder    The Executive Assistants role in identifying and closing Trust Gaps

Right Point Finder    Making an action plan to build trust accounts

Right Point Finder    Maintaining trust in challenging & changing times

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