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People who are personally effective typically have two qualities: They make good use of their resources and they are skilled at achieving their goals in a timely and cost-effective way. The choices that a person makes, the values that are held and the drivers that enable the person to realise goals will ultimately define their success.

In this interactive and practical session you will discover how to ‘work smarter’ and increase your personal effectiveness. Not only will you learn new ways of managing your tasks and time more effectively and efficiently, you will also gain insight and skills for managing yourself and your relationships.

Personal Effectiveness Icon COMMUNICATION

Discover techniques to help you become a more persuasive and influential communicator, empowering you to get your message across in a clear and confident approach.


Personal Effectiveness Icon INNOVATION

Practical and useable techniques to help you bring innovation and creativity to the workplace.




Personal Effectiveness Icon TIME MANAGEMENT

Understand how you can breakdown your current time management habits and become committed to self-management and self-leadership.



A detailed overview of the three sessions on this one day workshop is shown below

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Workshop Overview


In this innovative and highly experiential introductory session participants will explore the performance skills essential for convincing, credible and often courageous communication.

Participants will have an opportunity to practically utilise techniques to draw out the best ‘performances’ and acquire the skills that are needed to ensure a far-reaching impact on any audience.

The aim is to make you a more adaptable, flexible and spontaneous communicator. Who is ready for any workplace challenge, however complex, and who can communicate

powerfully with colleagues, clients and peers. Content will include vocal power, physical presence and ability to communicate effectively even when your heart is racing and your palms are sweaty.


This session is designed to introduce you to very powerful time management processes and practices that will assist you in considering how you currently set your priorities, how you might manage competing priorities and in turn impact upon your utilisation of time.

Time management is really about self-management and self-leadership. The question then is how well are we managing ourselves? Throughout this session you will have an opportunity to analyse your habitual time management behaviours. As you do, you will become more aware of what your time management habits are and whether they assist or hinder you.


Workplaces today demand that we have the ability to think on our feet and find solutions to numerous challenges. By mastering the principal techniques of problem solving, you are able to optimise your administration abilities and build a successful career.

Right Point Finder   Learn about the key problem solving principles you need to follow to bring innovation and creativity into your work environment;

Right Point Finder   Effective guidelines to ensure that you are able to generate positive ideas and find solutions to challenges;

Right Point Finder   Applying these guiding principles in practical ways to build your level of competence in problem solving


2016 Workshop Dates

All EA Australia workshops are held at leading 5 star venues, ensuring your experience is not only stimulating for your mind but also reward for your body.

With indulgent Morning and Afternoon Tea, along with a chance to sit, relax and share your experience with fellow delegates over a delicious luncheon - you'll return to the office feeling rewarded for all your hard work.

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