RECORDED ON WEDNESDAY, 15th MARCH 2017 at 11:00am (AEST)

EA Australia is pleased to host "Influencing Beyond Borders | An Introduction to Dealing with Culture", a webinar which looks at the key issues faced by Executive Assistants in dealing across cultures.


Culture – which is defined by age, race, gender, religion and diverse socio-economic backgrounds – is often a major blind spot for professionals at all levels. Viewed through lenses such as action, time, power and communication, the dimensions of culture become even more complex


With business becoming more global than ever before the idea of an 'organisational' global mindset is fast becoming a necessity. This means that it is not only those doing the international work, but those supporting Country Leaders, Business Unit, Project and Functional Leaders who are required to interact more frequently with colleagues, suppliers or clients from other countries. Beyond cultural sensitivity, your success requires an ability to navigate the many layers that can hinder communication.


One of the greatest challenges for the executive assistant in companies with an international focus is knowing how to get a response from colleagues in other countries without causing offence; whether it’s chasing them for information, arranging meetings or organising an in-country visit.


This short 45 minute webinar will provide some ideas for how to get better results in cross-cultural situations. As an introduction to the considerations to working across cultures, you will learn how to approach these situations in a way that makes it easier to get results.


The webinar covers two key topics when dealing with culture:

1. The 6 Country Clusters: the secret to understanding how to approach different countries
2. Key behavioural differences between each country cluster that impact on how you do your job, including: communication styles, how time is perceived, and how trust is built.


David Morley
Managing Director | Ponte Valle
Associate Partner of The Hofstede Centre & itim International

For close to 20 years David has been working with some of world's largest organisations in the FMCG, Utilities, Mining & Resources, Civil Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors in the areas of strategic organisational development, change management, mergers & acquisitions cultural alignment, matrix management and optimisation, multi-country collaboration and business transformation, as well as heading up Learning and Development and Organisational Development functions for global organisations such as the Avis Budget Group and Thales.
David has experience in designing and facilitating international collaboration and change management activities including; helping to revive stalling projects due to cultural differences, facilitating multi-country conflict resolution, and driving global business transformation and change projects.  He has conducted these activities in many countries including Germany, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, South Africa, Portugal, Poland and Romania.  David has also coached high potential project and technical leaders in countries such as Austria, Canada, New Zealand and of course Australia and currently provides mentoring for leaders and business partners in countries such as Scotland, France, Singapore and Australia.
David is a member of The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, and a board member of the Association for Transactional Analysis in Australia and a member of the International Transactional Analysis Association. In 2015 David was chair of the International Transactional Analysis Association Conference.
Partnering with EA Australia, David delivers both our "Executive Assistant as Relational Business Partner" workshop and our very popular "Change Management and the Executive Assistant" wokshop. We are proud and privileged to work with him on these and other projects.

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