A new breed of partnership is emerging between Executive Assistants and the broader business. As the expectation increases for all roles to add more and more value to the bottom line, businesses are looking to leverage the opportunities, knowledge, intellectual property and partnerships held with the role of EA.


“The Executive Assistant as Relational Business Partner” is a new workshop developed by EA Australia, in conjunction with PonteValle, which looks to the typical relationship dynamic between EA, their Executive and the broader business, and uncovers the benefits of building the skills to become a true Relational Business Partner.


If anyone is in the position to add the greatest value as a business partner, none are better positioned than the Executive Assistant. With networks, both formal and informal, across the organisations the EA has access to information and influence well beyond the scope of a traditional silo/functional constrained role.


As this new breed of EA emerges and evolves, your job will move beyond helping your executive do her job better, to a cross-functional business partner with a special set of both technical and behavioural skills.


This one-day workshop provides insights and practical tools to increase your capability to act as a business partner. In addition, you will learn to understand your preferred behavioural style, identify the behavioural styles of others, and how to adapt to different styles and become more effective in adding value to the business. Learning will be a combination of instruction, self-assessment along with group and individual exercises.



(9:00 am - 12:30 pm, including a working Morning Tea)
It is people who make your organisation and it is the interactions, both internal and external, which will have the greatest influence on yours and organisations success.


Alliances and partnerships produce astonishing results – but only when information flows freely, people trust each other, and are loyal to each other and their mutual success. Operating from such a vibrant collaborative mindset that forgets about getting the bigger slice of the pie requires interdependence that does not come naturally.


Smart partners win not only because of what they do, but even more importantly, from how they do it. They win from leveraging their connectedness and from valuing the building of relationship skills.


The act of moving from a task-based relationship, that focusses on activity, to becoming a relational business partner is something that requires dedicated effort to understand the hidden dynamics of how things really work in groups and relationships. Are you collaborating with the right people? Do you sometimes find out too late that a relationship isn’t as healthy as you thought it was? This session of the workshop will focus on helping you see the true ‘hidden’ landscape of your organisation and relationships, so that you can make smarter decisions on when and how to build relationships, and collaborate, for greater effect.


Key features of this session include:

Defining the Relational Business Partner in the role of Executive Assistant
Creating your Operative Landscape Vision
Collaboration Mapping & Uncovering Invisible Stakeholders
Mapping the strength of your relationships


(12:30pm - 2:00pm)


(2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, including a working Afternoon Tea)


Effective business partners are mindful of the way they engage with others, including the way they think about and use communication for greater effect. This session isn’t about ‘what’ you do, it’s about ‘how’ you do it and why! You will explore the effectiveness of your communication patterns, and gain insights into where your strengths lie, and how you could be eroding your message and outcomes in the way you engage with others.


An important part of the ‘how’ also means gaining insight into the communication and decision making processes of those you are seeking to build strong relationships with; in other words, identifying the path of least resistance for communicating your message. This session will provide you with a process for creating your path of least resistance for developing stronger relationships with your manager and key stakeholders.


A key element to healthy relationships is knowing how to gain commitment from your collaborators to follow through on agreed actions; there is nothing worse than leaving a meeting or a conversation believing that a course of action will take place, only to find out much later that nothing has been done. Effective business partners are able to gain commitment, both on a pragmatic and psychological level; we will explore how this occurs and provide a process for creating a psychological contract.


Key features of this session include:

Analysing the effectiveness of your communication style
Understanding the path of least resistance for communicating your messages
How to secure commitment to agreed actions


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David Morley
Managing Director | Ponte Valle
Associate Partner of The Hofstede Centre & itim International

For close to 20 years David has been working with some of world's largest organisations in the FMCG, Utilities, Mining & Resources, Civil Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors in the areas of strategic organisational development, change management, mergers & acquisitions cultural alignment, matrix management and optimisation, multi-country collaboration and business transformation, as well as heading up Learning and Development and Organisational Development functions for global organisations such as the Avis Budget Group and Thales.
David has experience in designing and facilitating international collaboration and change management activities including; helping to revive stalling projects due to cultural differences, facilitating multi-country conflict resolution, and driving global business transformation and change projects. He has conducted these activities in many countries including Germany, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, South Africa, Portugal, Poland and Romania. David has also coached high potential project and technical leaders in countries such as Austria, Canada, New Zealand and of course Australia and currently provides mentoring for leaders and business partners in countries such as Scotland, France, Singapore and Australia.
David is a member of The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, and a board member of the Association for Transactional Analysis in Australia and a member of the International Transactional Analysis Association. In 2015 David was chair of the International Transactional Analysis Association Conference.
Partnering with EA Australia, David delivers both our "Executive Assistant as Relational Business Partner" and our very popular "Change Management and the Executive Assistant" workshop. We are proud and privileged to work with him on these and other projects.

Learn more about David and Ponte Valle at www.pontevalle.com
Connect with David on LinkedIn here




We have no public workshop dates set for this program in 2018, should you like to be advised when new dates are announced please email us at [email protected]

Why not run this workshop as an In-House professional development activity for your EA & PA team. Email our Leadership Program Director Jason Aitkens on [email protected] to find out how we can work with you to create a customised workshop tailored to your specific needs.