Welcome to the home of EA Australia

Lots of companies out there will offer training for the Executive Assistant, yet very few develop their product with the Executive Assistant as the start and end point for this training. But that is exactly what we do at EA Australia – you are the reason we are here.


We produce programs that are built around the needs and challenges of the EA, and help you evolve in this ever changing and increasingly complex role.


We don’t do this alone. At EA Australia we partner with an amazing team of subject experts, to research and craft programs that are something different – delivering to you an experience that is challenging and creates change.


We love what we do!

Because we are trainers, we use training as a means of enabling each person, especially women, to develop themselves further, benefiting the individual, their employer, family and community.


In 2017 we have pushed our programs even further, they are challenging and fresh and respect the complexity and importance of your role. Delivered by our amazing facilitators, it is going to be an exciting year. View the 2017 course schedule here.


Want to stay in contact with EA Australia?

Join us on Facebook and Linkedin, or drop an email to [email protected] with your details and we’ll include you on the distribution list for future emails.


Being a Responsible Company

At EA Australia we believe in the importance of building a great, enduring professional community that strikes a balance between profitability and socially conscious. To demonstrate this commitment, we are pleased to support AMRRIC and run our own Helping Hand Program. Read more about these below.


Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities


We're proud to support AMRRIC – Animal Management in Rural and Remote Indigenous Communities, a not-for-profit charity that uses a One Health approach to coordinate veterinary and education programs in Indigenous communities.


AMRRIC collaborate with rural and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to improve the health and wellbeing of their companion animals and the health, wellbeing and safety of communities.


Companion animals give us so much, it’s only right that we try to give them the love they deserve. We are happy to provide annual donation to AMRRIC to help them in their important work.


Want to help out? Visit the AMRRIC website here


Helping Hand Program


We know that working as part of a Not-For-Profit can be a challenge, getting approval to attend external training can at times be near impossible. We understand and would like to help.


If you work for a registered charity or NFP, email [email protected] to discuss our Helping Hand Program, where we are able to offer discounted or complimentary spaces into some of our public workshops